LTL/Full Truckload

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Inland companies are Resourceful, Reliable and Responsive

We are very excited about delivering you a full service warehousing experience,if you need storage. We developed a warehousing facility to assure our customers of safety and security for their cargoes if shipping needed to be paused for any reason. You can arrange special storage for re-deliveries. We pride ourselves on upfront pricing at $10.00 a pallet.

With five years experience, our certified fork lift operators treat your freight as if it were their own valuables!

Quite a few transportation companies will claim they have good warehousing facilities, but treat the service as an afterthought. We take the technology of meticulous warehousing seriously! We know careless or unsafe storage can be just as damaging to freight as careless transportation.

Inland Transport Inc. pledges that they will store cargo right, move it right, reload it right and re-deliver it right. That saves everyone time, money and trouble.

Your cargo is valuable: Give it the best warehousing possible. Give it Inland Transport Inc. We promise you will be glad you did!

Shipping Stored Right, Right On Budget, and Re-delivered, Right On Time!